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The Satellite does not connect
Make sure no other application is currently occupying the serial port (eg. Arduino IDE) Attach the satellite to your computer before opening Hapticlabs On a Windows machine, Install the appropriate driver Restart Hapticlabs
What there is no vibration output

Make sure the satellite is connected properly to the USB port Is the LED next to output A or B lighting up during playback? ‍

  • If no LED is lighting up: Reconnect the satellite to your computer Check that the correct output channel is selected in the Track Playback menu
  • If am LED is lighting up: Check that the appropriate actuator type is selected Check at different intensity levels and make adjustments to the intensity range. Check the cable connections and try with a different actuator.
The feedback is very weak or does not match expectations

Some actuators produce only faint output when driven outside their resonant frequency.

  • Read about the actuator behavior
    Actuators and motors
  • If a custom actuator is attached, check the datasheet for minimum requirements and compare with the satellite requirements
    Satellite overview
  • Check that the power supply is capable of providing the required power‍.
Which actuators can I attach?
Any electromagnetic actuator can be attached to the satellites if fulfills the electrical requirements of the satellite unit
Satellite overview
Which hardware does Hapticlabs Studio support?
Currently, only our dedicated Satellite unit is supported