# Add & Play

Each track consists of blocks that represent the haptic pattern. You can think of tracks a songs and of blocks as musical notes.

Single tracks
Single tracks consist of a sequence of blocks and can be played back on either a single channel, or both at the same time.
Stereo tracks
A Stereo tracks consist of two references to Single Tracks. Stereo tracks allow you to simultaneously playback different feedback on the two output channels of the satellite unit such as a fade from Actuator A to Actuator B.

# Creating tracks

Using the “Add Track” button on the top left of the Track Editor, you can create a new Single track or by pressing CMD/ CTRL + T . To create a new Stereo track, open the dropdown menu to the right of the “Add Track” button and select “Stereo track” or by pressing SHIFT + CMD/ CTRL + T .

# Playing tracks

To play a track, press the yellow play button on any track the space key . Make sure an output device is connected.

# Stopping track playback

While a track is running, its yellow play button turns into a stop button. By pressing the stop button, you can stop the track playback. Alternatively, you can press the space key .