# Overview

# Hardware Components

The Hapticlabs DevKit contains all the necessary hardware to get you started with your haptics project within the blink of an eye:

  • Hapticlabs Satellite
  • Voice coil actuator
  • ERM actuator
  • LRA actuator
  • Touch sensor board
  • Dual button sensor board
  • USB-C Cable
  • I/O to Sensor cable
  • I/O to Dupont adapter

# Satellite unit

The Hapticlabs Satellite allows instant playback of haptic signals designed in Hapticlabs Studio.


# Sensor modules

Trigger feedback through the sensor modules with a simple touch or by pressing a button. They connect to the Satellite unit with the included Adapter Cable (JST PH-4 4-pole connectors).

Sensor modules

# Actuators

The DevKit includes three different haptic actuators: Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM), Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA), Voice coil. The selection gives you a great overview of the haptic technology bandwidth. Play around with all of them and find out their distinct characteristics!

Sensor modules

# Cables

All necessary cables are included to get started:

USB-C cable
Connecting the satellite to the computer
I/O to Sensor cable
Connecting the sensor boards (Male-to-male JST PH-4)
I/O to Dupont adapter
Connecting to external microcontrollers or a breadboard

For the full specifications, consult the datasheets:

HL_Devkit.pdf 3.33MB

HL_Satellite.pdf 1.54MB

Touch Sensor
HL_Capacitive_touch_sensor.pdf 2.7MB

Button Sensor
HL_Dual_button_sensor.pdf 2.63MB