# Track Settings

Track settings allow you to make adjustments to all blocks on a track at once.

# Incerasing and decreasing track duration

By clicking or holding the “< or >” - Symbol, you can change the duration of all blocks simultaneously.

# Increasing and decreasing track intensity

By clicking or holding the “< or >”-Symbol, you can change the intensity of all blocks simultaneously.

# Inverting tracks

In order to reverse a track, you can click the Invert panel. All blocks will be reordered such that the first block will be the last and the last block will be the first. Fade-ins will turn into Fade-outs and vice versa.

# Looping tracks

By clicking the Loop panel, you can change the number of repetitions a track will be played. The default value is 1: The track will be played back only once. By clicking, you can increase it to 2 or 3 repetitions, and by clicking once more, you arrive again at 1.

# Channel selection

The Hapticlabs Satellite comes with two ports to connect actuators. These ports are labeled A and B. In the Channel panel, assign a track to these channels.

Only the actuator connected to port A will move
only the actuator connected to port B will move
both actuators will move simultaneously