# Power management

# USB-C port

It is possible to power the Hapticlabs Satellite through the USB-C port even without communication to Hapticlabs Studio, e.g. by connecting it to a power bank. In this case, you can play tracks that you previously saved to the Satellite by using sensors or and external trigger.

Depending on the attached actuators and settings, the Satellite can draw up to 1.4 A from a USB connection (5 V) on full power. Choose a USB port that can supply enough power. Make sure to provide no more than 5 V on the USB port.

# Battery

You can connect a 3,7V LiPo Battery to power the satellite. While the satellite is connected to a power source through USB-C, the battery will be charged. Choose a suitable battery that supports a discharge current of up to 1.4A. Only use LiPo batteries with charge protection included. If a battery without charge protection is used, it can suffer permanent damage.

# Universal Port I/O

The satellite can be powered from a 3.3 V source. Make sure to provide no more than 3.5V to the port.

# Powering a 3.3 V device

The satellite can provide 3.3 V to low-power devices of up to 500mA

# Electrical specifications

Specifications can be found in the datasheet

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