# Block adjustments

Block parameters can be adjusted within the settings-panel or directly through the cursor, allowing for intuitive adjustments to their intensity, frequency, and duration.

# Adjust intensity

To modify the intensity value of the block element, begin by positioning the cursor along the top edge of the solid green area. This area represents the intensity. When the cursor changes to indicate that it is grabbable, click and hold to adjust the value. Dragging the cursor upward increases the intensity while moving it downward decreases it.

# Adjust Frequency

For frequency adjustments, direct the cursor to the top edge of the textured area within the block. Once the cursor symbol changes, click and hold to manipulate this value. Pulling the cursor up will raise the frequency, and dragging it down will lower it.

# Adjust duration

To alter the duration, the right edge of the block is the point of interaction. The width of the block indicates the duration. Hover the cursor over this edge until it signifies that it can be grabbed. Click and hold, then move the cursor to the right to lengthen the duration or to the left to shorten it.

# Adjust Effects

Adjustments to fade effects, including their duration and intensity, are made by dragging the in and out points along the timeline. While a block is selected, Press I for an intensity fade-in, O for an intensity fade-out, Shift+I for a frequency fade-in, and Shift+O for a frequency fade-out. The curvature of the fade, which influences the smoothness and character of the transition, can be modified by dragging the fade-in line. This action adjusts the fade's coefficient, allowing for precise control over how the fade effect is applied and perceived.

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