# Protopie   Pro

Hapticlabs Studio can interface with Protopie through a Socket.io connection. The interface allows you to easily keep changing, adding or tweaking tracks in Hapticlabs Studio while building your ProtoPie demo. An Enterprise subscription to ProtoPie Connect is required.

# Connecting

  • Open ProtoPie Connect
  • Open Hapticlabs Studio

You will see a confirmation message in ProtoPie Connect when everything is working.

# Playback in Protopie Connect

  • Open the desired project within Hapticlabs Studio
  • To test the playback in Protopie Connect, enter StartTrack in the message field as well as the name of the track you want to trigger in the value field eg. one

# Playback in Protopie Studio

Within ProtoPie, send a message to Hapticlabs Studio to trigger the playback eg. StartTrack with the value: "buttonPress"

# Troubleshooting

Make sure to open Hapticlabs Studio first before starting ProtoPie Connect. Also, use either the default or Io0 server address in ProtoPie Connect.